A multilingual Hip Hop crew from Los Angeles with ancestry across Latino America and the world.

Before they would all meet, raised  in different inner cities across the US the Inner City Dwellers as individuals they were mentored by Hip Hop and their cultural roots which they found pride in. The Inner City Dwellers use their creativity as a means to ignite social movements, amplify the pulse of resilience felt around the globe and most important to self express. The Inner City Dwellers are five emcees and a Deejay: RHIPS, DJ SURVIVE, VDAH, FUERZA MEXICA, BRASSA, PALABRA MALAVAREZ.

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The Inner City Dwellers formed circa 2006, it was all set in motion when RHIPS & VDAH co-founded the crew after repeated run ins at poetry open mics throughout the city. Each in their time allotted at these open mics, RHIPS would spit some imagery layered slam poetry that carried its own natural cadence and VDAH would let off some rapid fire lyricism that captivated the audience.

After creating the group RHIPS & VDAH would go into the studio and record a demo to gauge if what they were producing as a crew would capture the ears and imagination of an audience. They did exactly that. And created a platform for their movement music to be amplified.

In 2008 DJ Survive joined the crew to enhance the Inner City Dwellers’ live performances by adding layers of sonic texture while flexing his ever evolving mastery of turntablism. During this era of terror, the Inner City Dwellers had the beat production ammunition being supplied by, now relocated to Chica, Soulspeak and vdah’s good homie Frostek. Also during that time were fortunate to connect with and get a beat the 818’s very own DJ HOPPA of Broken Complex Records.

From this point the team of three jumped into the studio to craft their first group album called Forced To Choose and a mix tape called Dumpster Diving For Beats that was released before the album. These projects propelled the group to further pursue their venture in hip hop. For the years to come they would travel up and down the west coast rocking the mic at college and university campuses.

The third incarnation occurred  around 2013. With the addition of FUERZA MEXICA and BRASSA. Two caliber emcees that bring insight and substance displayed throughout their sharp lyricism and vivid storytelling verses.

At this point, the team would take time to regroup and get back in the studio and get creatively chewing on some ideas and honing the sound together with the addition of the new crew mates.

Now in their fourth incarnation, with the addition of lyricist and beat producer  Palabra Malavarez, in 2016. The Inner City Dwellers’ saga continues to grow. They are constantly reinventing their sound and the way that they work together and how they strive to make a positive long lasting impact in their community.

Currently, the Inner City Dwellers are working to continue to promote their latest album release Codices Urbanos. The crew is also spending a significant amount of time cooking up several projects as a crew and as individuals with other producers and emcees that they’ve encountered in the scene such as Diseize84 and J-Matik to drop a few names.

Keep checking back to catch samples of what the Inner City Dwellers are cooking up in the studio.


From the stigmatized streets of South Central Los Angeles with Mexican ancestry from San Mateo, Atenco and Posa Rica, Veracruz. His pen name means Resting Humbly In Poetry & Song. We have the Inner City Dwellers’ raging rhyme nerd himself: RHIPS


From the engulfing streets of Echo Park with strong cultural ties to the highlands of Sierra Juarez, Oaxaca, he makes it sound and look easy when he cuts it up on the turntables. Truly a sight to be seen and heard, we have the Inner City Dwellers’ own, the scratch scoundrel himself: DJ Survive


From the rank and wretched streets of Westlake/Rampart District comes the quietly loud Central American/Salvi connection, the Inner City Dwellers’ own dirt bag himself: VDAH aka vdahlama


From the icy windy city streets of Chicago gripping the mic blown into these Los Angeles streets we have the Inner City Dwellers’ own, the bear monkey himself: Fuerza Mexica.


From the harrowing streets of Hollywood, proudly representing his mixed ancestry of Mexican & Guatemalan roots we have the Inner City Dwellers’ own word wrestling flee bag pissing excellence on the mic himself: Brassa.